Thursday, June 30, 2011

love is all you need

shirt: Ann Taylor
shorts/belt: H&M
shoes: charlotte russe

This shirt was purchased while I was helping my mother pick out an outfit for my sister's college graduation. I saw it while my mom was trying things on and decided to see how it looked on me. I loved it and bought it. It was slightly more expensive then the things I normally buy (because I'm a cheapo, but I prefer the word frugal) but it was so nice it was worth it. The shorts were bought on my recent trip to H&M and I am just loving the high-waisted shorts look. I also like that they came with a really cute belt! I've had the shoes for a really long time because I think that everyone needs a pair of black flats to fall back on. They have a cool woven detail on the front so they are not totally plain.

Today, I had a meeting with the professor that I am doing research with. So basically, I wanted to look slightly more professional without being too dressed up. Also I couldn't be too daring or trendy because that would be inappropriate. Hope you all enjoyed this look!

Happy Thursday! (its almost Friday!!! Yay!)

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  1. this outfit is sooo cute! you look ready to take on the world hehe