Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Experiment: Can a pair of shoes transform an outfit?

I found myself in a bit of a shoe dilemma this morning when I got dressed. I put on a simple white dress, a denim shirt (as a light jacket), and then I couldn't decide: heels, sneakers, or sandals? I tried on all three and loved them all, but still felt very differently about the outfit with each pair of shoes. Let me know what you think, can shoes transform an outfit?

Pair of Shoes # 1 : High Heels

I think that these give the outfit a dressy, girly look. This is actually what I ended up wearing for most of the day because I liked the sophistication that the heels gave me. As a 20 year old that gets mistaken for being under 16 way too often, sophistication is important to me.

Pair of Shoes # 2 : Sneakers

I think that these shoes give the look a more playful look. Just as an FYI, these shoes are brand new, I just got them today. Also, it was really windy when I was taking these which is why my hair is consistently in my face.

Pair of Shoes # 3 : Sandals

Now I am an avid shoe collector, so I normally don't like to wear flip flops unless I'm going to the beach or pool because I feel that they are just too casual. However, sometimes if I'm just running around all day I like my shoes to be very comfortable. Also, I think that the flip flops with this outfit give it a beach-y, laid-back look.

dress: urban outfitters
shirt: H&M
heels: forever 21
sneakers: forever 21
sandals: Nordstrom

Hope you enjoyed reading this and that you'll let me know what you think!



  1. What a fun idea for a post! And I think that all these shots DO look different!

  2. Love the outfit. BY FAR my faves are the sneakers! You look amazing in sneakers and I hope you break them out often, Love your style.