Monday, June 27, 2011

new scarf thingy in action

shirt: pac sun
shorts: delia's
vest: forever 21
shoes: vans website
scarf: DIY

Oh man, so much angst! I didn't mean to be making such an angry face! Well this is what my DIY scarf from my last post looks like executed in a full outfit, what do you think?
The vest is one of those things that I've had for a while that I never really wore. But I knew that I would find inspiration to wear this one day and that's why I never got rid of it! It's kind of a velvety material so its not the best option for summer, but it was just fine today because I didn't spend much time outside.
Also, I don't care what anybody says; I love my vans! I've had these for like 6 years and they are so comfortable and durable. I think they add a certain attitude to the look. I also tried teasing my hair a bit so it would gain some volume, but it doesn't appear to have worked! That's all for now!

Have a wonderful day!

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