Saturday, June 18, 2011


shirt: american apparel
shorts: pac sun
shoes: charlotte russe

Extremely busy day today. After working all day, Tony and I got in the car and drove to his house. Right after that we went to dinner at a great restaurant called Peking (hence the name of the title). I am SO ready for a great night of sleep. I wish I could have had some natural light for the pictures, but I think the dogs look great. Rex and Roman are the kindest, sweetest dogs and would never hurt a fly, but you would never guess that by looking at them! They look like beasts!

My hair is in a french braid done to the side and tucked under so that it looks like I have shorter hair.  I think my favorite part of this is that the sear sucker shorts and polo shirt give it a preppy appeal, but the distressed, almost acid washed look of the shirt and the combat boot-like shoes give it a dark side. Oh and did I mention? TGIF!!


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