Sunday, June 26, 2011

DIY and other stuff

So I found this really awesome DIY tutorial for scarves made out of t-shirts on stumbleupon. Its from college fashion, here's the link:

I'm like really terrible at sewing so I try to avoid DIYs with a lot of sewing involved. This one had zero sewing involved so of course I had to try it and here are my results:

The shirt I used was $5 at Dollar General, but of course you can use any t-shirt you wish. The tank top I'm wearing is from Free People.
In other news, I have a new shoes crush. And I am really crushing hard because I will probably never actually buy these because of the price tag. Maybe they will go on sale one day *sigh*. The worst part is I've been seeing them everywhere lately. Well, here they are, the very beautiful Jeffrey Campbell Litas:
Aren't they just gorgeous? And finally, if you all are interested in a laugh check out Who Wears this Shit. It's an awesome and hilarious blog written by my best friend, Abby. She points out the questionable items that are being produced by far too many brands these days. Too funny.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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