Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"All right, yes, date and shop and hang out and go to school and save the world from unspeakable demons. You know, I want to do girlie stuff."

So sorry about my weekend break from blogging. Regardless, I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Sadly I have very little excuse for not blogging other than being poolside for most of it and forgetting my camera.

But now I'm back! and quoting Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Actually the reason for the title is because I recently watched an older episode of Buffy and began to remember exactly how much I enjoyed that show. It's easy to start picking apart some of the fashion on that show. Whether it be Willow's fuzzy sweaters and bright red hair, or Cordelia's style, which seems to be a mix between prep and hooker, this show always keeps you guessing. Because I was a child in the 90's I like to observe the fashion with as much nostalgia as I do the TV shows, but I find myself cringing at what was popular back then!

That being said, the episode that I watched was called "Faith, Hope and Trick" and it was the very first episode featuring a character named Faith. Faith is a vampire slayer also. Now, for those of you that know anything about the show might be thinking, "Wait, I thought there could only be one slayer!" You are correct...almost! Buffy actually died and was resuscitated. When she died a slayer named Kendra was chosen, and when Kendra died Faith was chosen! We meet Faith after her watcher (which is the slayer version of a personal trainer) was killed by this really, really, really old and powerful vampire named Kakistos.

Here are some screen shots of Faith from that episode. She really has a signature style and she's a bad ass.
          here's a shot where you can see Faith's arm tattoo which further adds to her badass-ness
On the bottom right you can see Faith getting her groove on with a man who is actually a vampire who she is seducing so that she can slay him! But it looks like those pants might need some slaying!
Here's a close up of that top, which looks slightly broken here. Faith seems to think it's "five-by-five," though.
 Faith was really into the tight top/leather pants combo. Though I have to say she rocked it!
I love this shot! Right before this Kakistos says: "I guess you need a bigger stake, Slayer! HAHAHAHA!" Looks like she found one!

I also have to say that in this episode, I think that they tried to make Buffy look super innocent to make Faith look super badass! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and that I didn't bore you with my ramblings about Buffy! I will hopefully have a new outfit post tomorrow, but until then, ta ta!


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