Tuesday, July 26, 2011

update finally! I'm not abandoning my blog!

Wow! I'm not letting this blog go, but unfortunately my photographer (boyfriend) has been out of town for the past few weeks. Luckily, he will be back soon and I will be back posting outfits and what not, which is what I really like doing. Also, I have some new clothes (because I am a hopeless shopping addict) that I am very excited about displaying on chicorsomething. In the meantime, I am really into the long a flowy stuff that seems to be popular lately. I have yet to purchase anything of this style, but I am currently working on finding some things that I really like that are also in my price range. Here are some items that I've been looking at lately that I really like.
I figured I would start with my favorite, which also happens to be the most expensive! This the UNIF Leopard Dream Maxi Dress which can be purchased at NASTY GAL.
These are the Fawcett Fights Back Black Wide Leg Pants from LuLu's.
This is the Irish Moorlands Pleated Green Maxi Skirt also from LuLu's.
This is the Volcom To The Floor Maxi Skirt from PacSun. 

Being a small girl of only 5'3" I have always been intimidated by full length items, but they are just too darn chic to ignore any longer. What do you guys think of this style? Sorry about the blogging hiatus, but do not fear because I will be making my comeback VERY soon! Hope you all enjoy this post!


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  1. i ADORE those pants from LuLu's. and you would look awesome in them. do it please. kthanks.