Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dangerously Curious

I am writing today to say that I am dangerously curious about pixie haircuts. I've been thinking about them a lot but every time I imagine myself getting one I think about what I will look like and I feel happy, but then I think about the idea of actually chopping off my hair and I start to feel...quite frankly sick to my stomach!
I don't want you to think that I'm one of those girls who is attached to their hair; I'm not! In fact, I have had my hair cut quite short in the past. I rocked a bob-ish do in high school and loved it. There are a few reasons why I decided to grow it out (and keep it long) which I will list now:
1) As a varsity athlete, and some one who is working out a lot, keeping my hair in a good ponytail length was essential.
2) I had short hair for several years and I always like to change back and forth, so growing it out seemed like the next step.
3) Since I have had it long I have fallen in love with braiding and styling my hair in different ways.
4) The final and most pathetic reason is that when I met my boyfriend he always talked about how he loves my long, brown hair.
But still, I can't help but imagining what it would be like to have one of these short hairdos. They look so chic! Here are some of my favorite celebrity pixie cuts:
Ashlee Simpson
Emma Watson
Natalie Portman
 I think that these women just look so cute! Women with pixie cuts naturally exude Audrey Hepburn qualities, which I find to be just so chic. What do you guys think of these haircuts? I have a hunch that most men reading this will say that it is not the look they prefer, but what do the ladies think? Would you have the guts to take the plunge and chop it all off?


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  1. Having done the pixie, and considering doing it again....I say go for it! It always grows back, and you actually can style it in different ways (not that I bothered to style it. But you can!).... You can slick it back, spike it, muss it up....
    And while it's in a pixie it's great for athletics. Growing it out you just need a headband. Not too attractive, but under a fencing mask no one sees :)