Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain rain go away

The rain seriously limits my shoe choices. I am extremely anti-rain boots. I do own them but I really try not to wear them unless the very thought of going outside makes my socks feel wet. They are just ugly and not very comfortable at all. If any of you can show me a pair of chic, sleek rain boots, please send those pictures my way. That being said, this is what I wore today even though it was raining.

blogger lean
sweater: pac sun
jeans: pac sun
boots: libby edelman via famous footwear

This shoe purchase was one of the highlights of my shopping career. These boots were priced at $80 but after all was said and done I got them for $10. At the same time that I bought these boots I bought another pair of boots originally priced and $150 for $36. Seriously the most amazing deal I have ever gotten. I have loved famous footwear ever since.

I am also seriously feeling the mullet hemline on this sweater. I bought this sweater when I went into pac sun looking for a pair of shorts. Of course I couldn't resist buying it!

I'm off to study for a linear algebra college


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