Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye summer, goodbye tan

The worst blogger award goes to....
me... I am seriously the worst with these month long hiatuses! But I'm back!
blouse: ann taylor
shorts: delia's
belt: H&M
watch: BORA from a boutique in my town
wrap bracelet: my sister bought it! doesn't she have the nicest taste?
booties: wetseal

Aren't you all proud that I am not wearing a single piece from forever 21? It is shocking to me as well. I have spent months lusting over this style of ankle boots. Most of the ones that I was looking at were quite expensive and I am on the budget of a lowly college student *le sigh* I saw a pair in Nine West that were literally identical to these, but were more than double the price.

I am normally not a big Wetseal shopper because other times that I have gone into that store I have felt too old to be there if that makes sense. But, last time I was at the mall I happened upon these beauties and was in love. They also appear to be fairly well made so I don't have to live in fear of having to part with my lovelies before I am ready to.

In life news, I spent the last week of my summer vacation sick with a fever! Major bummer but it does explain at least part of my blogging absence. Now school has started and the warm, sunny weather is starting to fade. I kind of love fall fashion though so it isn't bad at all! Hope you all enjoy this post and I will try my best to keep up the outfit posts and such in between classes!



  1. You look gorgeous! I love that you're wearing this summer outfit with fall shoes! Gorgeous!



  2. currently wearing the same shoes haha love it