Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shop til ya drop

So Tony and I had an adventure today! We went to a fairly large mall near our school. I have to tell you, it was mighty crowded! The whole back-to-school crowd was there, which was extremely depressing from my point of view. But anyway, back to the joy of shopping!
What I have discovered from my shopping trip was that JCPenney is like amazing! First of all, almost everything in the store is marked down! Like no joke. I got blank% off or blank$ off or buy 1 get 1 on literally everything I purchased. Also, they have really really cute things in both the junior's and women's departments. I highly recommend going there for your back-to-school or fall shopping needs! Here are some of my favorite brands that they carry:
This is the line that the Olsen twins released for JCPenney. Its really cute! Plus I have an unhealthy obsession with their style!
A really cool brand with a bohemian vibe to it.
Mango is a higher end brand that released a line for JCPenney.
 I can't wait to feature my new JCPenney clothing here on Chic or Something. Stay tuned!


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